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Blue Light Blocking Gaming Glasses

Blue light is an undeniable issue for anyone spending daily time on their devices. In particular those that may find themselves the most effected are those who work on a computer, and spend extremely extended periods staring at their screens throughout the day, and those who are gaming.
This is often not talked about, but important to be rather awlare of. While gaming it is very easy to spend a lot of time absorbing unfiltered blue light. This can have far reaching impacts on our wellbeing.
So how do we deal with this? Quit gaming? Certainly this is not necessary, however we have to protect ourselves from blue light. The solution will have to be a pair of blue light filtering glasses, or some other time of screen light protector. Something we should all be doing is going through our phone, laptop, or even TV settings and trying to keep active any eye protection or brightness control to begin easing the degree of blue light. Almost all modern devices will have some sort of eye protection options in their display settings. This should be our step 1, and something we can all do right now.
Step 2 should  be to get ourselves a pair of lenses that will be able to properly filter out, or greatly minimize blue light. Thankfully many people are learning about blue light blocking glasses, and here at Blue Light Glasses Canada we have made it our personal missions to proliferate these solutions as much as possible. A part of that is raising awareness amongst the gaming community in particular the harm that can be had when spending long periods of time dealing with excessive blue light.
So, how are we trying  to make a pair of blue light glasses as available as possible to all Canadians, and gamers? Affordability. Every pair of glasses we have are kept under $50 and we always offer FREE Canada wide shipping. We also maintain a very significant selection of colours, shapes and styles so everyone can find something that works for them and their own preferences.
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