blue light glasses for teens

Blue Light Glasses For Teens

Considering blue light glasses for teens? Many Canadian teens are increasingly occupied with their devices, and spending large numbers of screen time during the day. Coincidentally report having trouble with sleeping.
Blue light, especially from screens can disrupt your circadian rhythm and convince your brain that it is still daytime, interfering with melatonin production, and can be a major cause of insomnia. Lack of restful sleep can furthermore contribute to a variety of other health concerns, both physical and mental.
 It is extremely important for teens to avoid screens or any source of artificial blue light in the hours before heading to bed. If you are near them, then blue light glasses, or computer glasses can be a great help.
Should you choose a pair of anti blue light glasses for kids, or an adult size?
Well, we would recommend an adult size as they overwhelmingly are more likely to fit correctly. 
We have bother styles popular for women and men to help with computer glare that can be such a concern especially amongst teens given their uniquely high volume of screen time.

Mens blue light filtering glasses

Womens blue light filtering glasses

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