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Blue Light Glasses VS. Screen Setting

There is a consensus that we have a massive issue with over absorbing blue light. The main culprit? Screens. In fact at this point almost all new monitors, TVs, laptops, and phones have special setting just to help. Now we even get caution notifications warning about excess screen brightness or encouraging us to use 'eye saver mode'. But does this mean that anti blue light glasses are now not needed anymore in 2023?
Well, no. While some of the options that we are getting on our devices may help a bit, they don't stop the screens actually display from emitting all blue light wave length, and mainly they focus on total brightness. Blue light blocking glasses on the other hand actually are designed to filter out specific wavelengths.
Also, another consideration is that while most of our excess blue light is coming from screens, we also get it from other places too. Another emitter of excess blue light is modern lighting.
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