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Blue Light Lenses Price

Lately, it seems like a lot of online websites are not making themselves very transparent. Many retailers of blue light glasses are beating around the bush, demanding that you enquire or contact them to get access to prices. Either that or they are actually listing prices that are totally unreasonable for a pair of non prescription blue light glasses. So where can we actually find a blue light lenses price that isn't overboard or hidden?
Well, that is exactly why Blue Light Glasses Canada exists. We have a very simple mission, and that is to make blue light glasses as accessible to every Canadian as possible. What does that actually mean in practice? Every pair remains under $50, no matter what, and we always offer completely FREE Canada wide shipping. You will find no unfairly prices $300 lenses here, nor any complex and confusing payment plans.
Not only that, if you are specifically looking for a pair for a child, we have them kept often exclusively under $40. There is no reason that anyone who wants to find a solution to constant blue light exposure from their devices should feel that it is out of limits.
Ready to find your pair, and compare affordable prices?
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