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Good Blue Light Blocking Glasses

In our todays world, everyone is engaging in more and more screen time. In fact, according to Pew Research nearly a third of us say we are online almost constantly at any hour of the day. Although some great things may come with that, this jump into constant screen exposure is perhaps not without consequence. Your computer screen, tablet, and smartphone, and any other devices are all emit high-energy blue light similar to the sun.

Using screens especially into the late hours of the evening, the blue light exposure can disrupt your sleep-wake cycle, and confuse your brain into thinking it is still daytime. Making it difficult to sleep and a whole host of other problems.

For a more in depth look at digital eye strain, over exposure to blue light, its causes, symptoms and prevention check out our in depth guide here:

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So what sort of things can we do to mitigate some of these risks? Well, obviously just less screen time. However it is not very practical for many of us, so rather, trying your best to limit time spent looking at your devices especially during the evening and a couple hours before you plan on going to bed can make a huge difference. Also, check your devices settings, most monitors, TVs and smart phone have some sort of eye friendly mode these days and that can help a bit.

Lastly if you are serious about reducing the blue light exposure constantly being emitted from devices we strongly suggest investing in a pair of good blue light glasses.

In fact that is why Blue Light Glasses Canada exists. A very simple missions to bring the option of blue light filtering glasses to Canada, keep them affordable(always under $50), and always promise free Canada wide shipping.

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