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How Much Do Blue Light Glasses Cost?

Once we start searching for a solution to digital eye strain, our screen time migraines, and harmful blue light, we unfortunately notice that blue light filtering lenses can be rather expensive. Sometimes costing several hundred dollars. You may ask, "are there any cheap blue light glasses out there?", is there not an affordable solution?.
Well, we have great news!
Here at Blue Light Glasses Canada, we make sure that all our glasses are kept affordable. Every single pair of lenses on our website is priced under $50, many even under $40. All of our Children's glasses are kept under $40. We also offer FREE Canada wide shipping, so everyone can take care of there eyes without unreasonable costs.
Let's take a look at our cheapest pairs of blue light filtering glasses.
Scholar $21
This is our lowest cost pair of glasses for men, and is very much a unisex style. 8 colours to choose from. Starting at only $21.
 Pacific $21
The Women's pair currently at the lowest price is our Pacific lenses. Also like Scholar they are very much a unisex style suitable for anyone. Starting at $21, and 15 colours/styles to choose from.
What about the ones with a bigger price tag?
Here are our highest priced items.(Still competitively priced compared to anywhere else)
Laurentian $46
The Laurentian glasses are an instant classic. You can really never go wrong with these. 5 options for colours/style, and costing $46.


Classic $47
Classic is currently our most expensive option for Women's glasses, at only $47. These are perhaps our most stylish, and we offer 10 options for colour. You will always look good with these on.

How about kid's glasses?

At Blue Light Glasses Canada we have a solution for everyone, including your children. These are in fact much lower cost than our adult pairs. Every pair in our Children's category is kept under $40.
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