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Are Blue Light Glasses The Solution To Your Eye Strain?


Did you know that blue light from electronic screens can cause eyestrain, headaches, and even Sleeping Disorders? If you're like me, you probably didn't. And if that's the case, then you're like most people who are unaware of the dangers of blue light.


Blue light is a type of electromagnetic radiation that comes from many different sources: the sun, digital devices, and fluorescent and LED lights, just to name a few.

There’s been a lot of talk recently about blue light and the negative effects it can have on our eyes. Blue light is emitted from electronic devices like phones, laptops, and TVs, and is said to be especially harmful to our eyesight. To combat these negative effects, some people are now choosing to wear blue light glasses.


But do blue light glasses actually work? And are they worth the investment?


Blue light glasses are a great way to help protect your eyes from the harmful blue light that is emitted from electronic devices and screens. Blue light has been shown to cause eye fatigue(digital eye strain), headaches, and even insomnia.


Blue light glasses work by filtering out the blue light and blocking it from reaching your eyes. This helps to reduce the negative effects that blue light has on your vision.


Blue light glasses are a great way to reduce eye fatigue and keep your eyes healthy. They work by blocking blue light, which is the type of light that is most harmful to your eyes. Blue light has been linked to eye fatigue, eye strain, and even macular degeneration.

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