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Light Restriction & Circadian Sleep

Did you know that constant, and over exposure to blue light can disrupt your circadian rhythm? Well, it is true. This is in fact your body's internal clock, and it is extremely critical to good sleep function.

The Circadion Sleep Disorders Networkan independent nonprofit organization dedicated to improving the lives of people with chronic circadian rhythm disorders, recommends light restriction as a potential solution.

They suggest a number of treatment options that you can read about on their website here


This is what they have to say in regards to light restriction:

"Many people are extremely sensitive to evening light, so that even low levels of blue or blue-green light late in their day can delay their circadian clock. This includes the light from a TV or computer screen. These people find they may be able to get to sleep earlier if they restrict their exposure to light for several hours before bedtime. Some find it necessary to have only very dim lighting in their homes, and to avoid any exposure to TV or computer or phone screens. It is thought that even brief exposure to light during this time may have outsized effects for these people."

We highly recommend you check out their website while learning and doing research online about the effects of blue light.


Blue Light Blocking Glasses In Canada

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